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And Boom! Just like that – January is in the books. Who am I kidding? This was actually a pretty long month. Are you sure there are only 31 days in January? Maybe it just seems long when I spend most of my time avoiding anyone coughing or sneezing like the plague. Stay away Flu! Stay away!

I have successfully (I think) completed one month of blogging, which is very exciting. I must say everyone in the personal finance blogging community seems very friendly, and I’m so happy to have found people with similar goals and interests.

Listed below are the dividends I received for January 2018.

January 2018: I received $70.54 in dividend income.

So, January is my weakest month for dividends received. This is partly due to Coca-Cola (KO) paying out a month early in December. It’s okay, KO, as long as you are back for April!

Also, you can see my income did go down a bit on my bond funds, due to the changes in interest rates. I don’t mind because I need to have some bond diversification in my portfolio.

I did have two new additions with Realty Income (O) and Altria Group (MO) since last year. With the two of these companies paying me, I was able to generate a 30.29% year-over-year growth rate.

The chart below shows my dividends for 2017, and will be a nice visual comparison for when I input my 2018 results.

2018 Dividend Income Goal: Make $4,000 in dividend income.

Goal Progress: $70.54 out of $4000 = 1.76% complete.

Yes, I have a long way to go, but my spirit is not deterred. Time to grind!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  – Agatha Christie

How was your January? Comment below and leave your blog post links for me to check out!

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