Net Worth | December

It is time for my first ever Net Worth Update.

Is this real life? What an amazing year 2017 has been for the stock market!

The Dow Jones not only hit 20k but, at the moment, is well past this mark.

This has been great to see the portfolio at an all time high, but it has made finding solid companies at a fair valuation pretty difficult.

I have no doubts this run will eventually stall, but in the meantime congrats to everyone passing milestones.

I’ve been keeping tracking of my net worth since February 2017 when I first decided to start maxing my 403b.

Before January of 2016 I never worked for a company that offered a 401k/403b, but I did max contributions to my Roth IRA.

I must say it really is impressive how consistent saving and investing can make a difference.

My overall net worth will only consist of my checking, savings, taxable, 403b, 401a, and Roth IRA accounts.

I will continue keeping track of my net worth at the end of every month and then compare it to the month before.

Stay Hungry!

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